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Gear List

The weather can be very extreme at times and you need to be prepared to make the most of your day. What gear you bring can make monumental differences in how you feel through the day. With that said there is additional room on the cat to store extra layers that may come essential with changing weather. In addition to the beacon, probe and shovel included in your rental, here’s what gear  you need to bring:


Appropriate Skiing or Riding Equipment:

  • COVID-19 Items:

    • Face Covering 

    • Personal Hand sanitizer 

    • Rubber gloves if desired 

  1. Ski boots and Powder Skies or Snowboard Boots and Snowboard

  2. Synthetic or wool socks that are optimum for your boosts 

  3. Poles

  4. Headwear - visor or cap, hat or helmet.

  5. Jacket and Insulating layers

    • Mid-weight base layer fleece or sweater

    • Puffy Jacket

    • Shell Jacket

  6. Eye protection -  sunglasses and goggles

  7. Sunscreen and lip balm

  8. Extra base layers in case it is very wet or you sweat profusely

  9. Gloves or mittens

    • Hand warmers

  10. Water bladder or water bottle. (We can refill in the snowcat)


Optional Items


  1. Phone, Camera, Music

    • Snowcat will have an audio system to connect your device for music.

  2. Personal snacks

    • Lunch is provided but if you want some specific snacks please bring what you like


Optional Demo Equipment:


You may bring your own skis. We recommend a minimum width of 100mm underfoot. All guests have the option of using our fleet of Powder Skis at no additional cost. The selection includes a new fleet of skies including:

  • Black Crows

  • DPS

  • RMU

  • Liberty


Snowcat Assisted Back Country Skiing Gear Management


Snowcat skiing and riding are different from your typical ski resort visits. The snowcat essentially is like your ski locker, where you can store your additional layers, extra goggles, and other personal equipment instead of bringing it with you on each run. Additionally, the cat cab is heated and multiple individuals will add to that temperature fluctuation. This will ultimately affect what you plan to bring and how snow will affect your gear (i.e. ice buildup on ski boots.) Keep in mind that it still can be quite a cold op on Jones Pass and you should be prepared for that. 


All safety equipment is provided: 


  1. Each Client will be provided with essential backcountry equipment including the following:

    • Black Diamond Backcountry Back Pack 

      • You will be able to put personal items in this but mainly will house rescue gear.

        1. Probe

        2. Shovel

    • Mammut pulse beacon or Peeps DPS

      • Will be put secured on the base layer you will not be taking off for the day.

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