On the Continental Divide of Jones Pass.

The Experience

2600 acres of vast backcountry terrain allows for many options and opportunities to have a phenomenal trip. 

On the loose to climb a mountain; on the loose where I am free. On the loose to live my life the way I think my life should be. For I've got a moment, and a whole world yet to see. I'll be looking for tomorrow on the loose...

Snowcat Operations 

Snowcat Skiing and riding is different from your typical ski resort visits. Snowcat and assisting vehicles essentially become your ski locker, where you can store your additional layers extra goggles, and other personal equipment instead of brining it with you on each run. Additionally the passenger cabins are heated and multiple individuals will add to that temperature fluctuations. This will ultimately effect what you plan to bring and how the snow will effect your gear. However, it can still get significantly frigid up in the zone so be prepared for Colorados fluctuating weather. 


We booked a group of 12 of us for a mid-week work event. Scott and George were amazing at being our guides for the day, talking about the area and about back country skiing in general, while Aaron was our cat chauffeur and kept us moving all day. The skiing was a typical bluebird day so a bit crusty in the morning and softened up perfectly in the afternoon. The guides did their thing and put us on north facing slopes to start the day, then we moved over to south facing once those pitches were nice and ready. A perfect day on the mountains with a team who really knows the area and the environment like the back of their hand. We finished off with some beers and Mojo’s homemade green chile and talked about what an epic day we just had. Thank you again!

Josh Frank

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